On Love . . .

I took bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas’s course Calling in “The One” 3.5 years ago and it changed my life.  Most people take the course because they’re lonely, and deeply desire a relationship. I was lonely, but I was IN a relationship. The results of doing this process for me? I didn’t call in a relationship. I ended one — and called in myself.

Because of the transformative power of the course, I decided to become a certified coach of the process, to support others to create more love in their lives.

Interesting, though, I’ve remained single ever since.  I’ve dated here and there, had a few *ahem* flings . . . all (mostly) very nice – but ultimately, not even close to what I’m longing for.

Did I mention that I now Produce the Calling in “The One” course?  It’s funny how life works. I think that life is trying to tell me something. And I think I’m about to find out what that is.

You see, during a creative meeting at my work (Evolving Wisdom – where I produce Calling in “The One”), we decided to send out an email from each session of the course, one week apart, to everyone on our email list who hadn’t yet taken the course – to nourish their hearts with content, and share about the Calling in “The One” course from a “behind-the-scenes” perspective.

One thing more: I was volunteered to dive in and take the course myself.

It’s become a bit of a joke that I am so closely connected to the work but am still a single gal.  I am teased that it’s because I’m too busy to date anyone!  Which is . . . kind of true.

So I agreed!  And began once again to go through the Calling in “The One” process. This time, however, I’m fully committed to doing all of the work.  The last time I took the course?  I pretty well crapped-out after session 4 (of 7) when I realized that the relationship I was in was nothing compared to what my heart was longing for.  Breaking-up at that point was a no-brainer . . . but I didn’t fully commit to working through the rest of the process.  And as I mentioned above, I’ve remained a single gal ever since.

I’m quite okay with myself – and being alone.  I enjoy my own company and am never bored.  But I have to admit – I deeply desire truly fantastic, happy, healthy, wholesome, passionate, wonderful love.

I am excited by what’s to come of this journey – and I’ll begin sharing with you what’s happening for me in my next post!

Until then ~ wishing for you all that your heart desires.

Here I go!


One thought on “On Love . . .

  1. Standing with you and for the full-fill-ment of your deep desire for “truly fantastic, happy, healthy, wholesome, passionate, wonderful love”.
    Excited by the possibility of the contribution created through the partnership of Ashley deeply supported in this way, and ???? being loved by this incredible woman, in our world!
    Loving you, Maralyn

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